Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homemade Washi Tape

My friend, Candace/Paper Paradise has made her own washi tape from a tutorial that she has posted on her blog.  Looks awesome.. I think I'll go out and get me some masking tape and try it..  Here's what Candace's looks like:
                                              PAPER PARADISE
Head on over to my friends blog to watch the video on how to make this homemade washi tape.
And here's a way to add the real washi tape to a wax paper box so you can use the teeth on the box to cut your tape.  Great storage idea.  But I think I'm going to find a way to place my homemade washi tape on this wax paper with out cutting it from the box.  Does that make sense?
I was thinking if I was outside and rolled out a long sheet, then placed a heavy object to hold the paper down-I'd be able to spray spritz or paint on it, let it dry-stamp and then roll it back up.  I can do this in stages after I've used the tape.  Sounds like a hassle to do but might be worth it for those that don't have alot of space.

How do you store your washi tape?


Candace said...

That is a neat storage idea Patti! I think I might just try that! I want to make some wide tape too. :) You could even decorate an old wax paper box for it. thanks for sharing!!

Kat said...

This is ingenious! I'm going to blog about this and link to your page if that's ok :)



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